Hook up with "nostalgia marketing".

24 Mar 2021
A few years ago, when digital gadgets (from usb sticks, wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers, to "witty" home accessories) were booming as product media, the retro trend was also on the rise as a counter-reaction. We see that nostalgic trend reemerging in this corona era.

E-marketer identifies a new trend in these corona times: nostalgia marketing. In times of zoom meetings and online life, people long for the "normal" life before the pandemic. Nostalgia was a phenomenon that also reared its head right after "9/11" and during the crisis of the 1930s in the last century, according to E-marketer.
In this age of zooming and the one and a half meter society, people are increasingly looking for authenticity and 'real' experiences. People are again in for products they can literally touch: the 'analog revolution' is underway. In this retro trend, promotional products such as LPs, polaroid cameras, pen & paper, notebooks and photo books, old (video) games etc. are booming, according to E-marketer.

Pre-corona pleasure
Clients can respond to this with product media. This does not mean that (young) consumers are abandoning the high-tech of today. On the contrary, E-marketer also states that modern technology enables a return to pre-corona fun and entertainment.
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