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Picnic is a rapidly growing Dutch online supermarket. The company delivers exclusively at home and does not have physical store locations.


Picnic has been a regular customer of BeGlobal for some time now. After extensive market research and several conversations, Picnic ended up with BeGlobal as a supplier for product media. As a growing online supermarket with branches at home and abroad, Picnic was looking for a partner to set up its merchandise program and help with the distribution of the product media across all branches.


Picnic's house style has been implemented in the assortment and is monitored by BeGlobal, which ensures unity at home and abroad. From a central warehouse all product media are distributed to all branches. The product media at Picnic ensures higher conversion. Despite its short existence, Picnic has very high brand awareness within the Netherlands.

The type of product media you choose affects how people think about you, in terms of innovation and society, but also in terms of sustainability. As a brand manager, I am a real 'branded gadget' afficionado and throughout my career it was part of my duties.

Wendel Hofman-Schulp, brand manager at Aegon