BeGlobal takes storage and fulfillment in-house

24 Mar 2021
BeGlobal works for more and more large clients. This is the reason why the storage of product media and fulfillment is no longer done externally, but in-house. If you manage everything yourself, you can respond quickly and effectively to the specific needs of your clients.

In a few weeks, BeGlobal will be opening its own warehouse with over 750 pallet spaces, close to the BeGlobal premises in Waddinxveen. Fulfillment will then also take place from within our own offices. "Working with external companies specialized in fulfillment also has disadvantages for a company like ours. After all, external fulfillment companies have many clients like BeGlobal. You can't just turn things around if we think it's necessary; they're obviously not equipped for that. Many fulfillment companies have standard ongoing processes, for example, the handling of consumer webshops. But as BeGlobal, we often have custom-made orders, increasingly personalized shipments and, often a part of the European processing. If you have everything under your own control, you can respond quickly and well to the specific needs of your customers. As a supplier of product media, you don't usually have a straightforward order picking process, but rather different orders with different working methods, and each order often requires its own handling," says André Noordwijk (BeGlobal).

Direct contact
To keep the new operation running smoothly, BeGlobal recently hired its own logistics manager, Jeroen de Wit. "He is our direct point of contact and can walk straight into our warehouse, so to speak, to check things out or get involved in the process as needed. That works faster and significantly reduces the chance of errors." De Wit previously worked at Zegro, a wholesaler for the hospitality industry in Rotterdam.

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