About Us

BeGlobal is a full service Product Media company. From our head office in Waddinxveen we create the most beautiful, fun and creative Product Media. We do this with our own studio and product specialists. We regularly receive awards for our work. For example, BeGlobal has been voted “Best Promotional Company of the Year” by Promz, the platform for promotional marketing, promotional products & services in the Netherlands.

Why Product Media?
We often talk about “business gifts” in our industry. A gift, however, typifies itself as something that is simply given away, without expecting a return for it. BeGlobal believes that you can expect more from the items you give away and that carry your brand. These products have such an impact that we think they belong between all the other media that you use to communicate with (potential) customers. 

We therefore use the term ‘product media’ in our company name. With product media that are 100% ‘quality’ and radiate. Because your brand name is on it. So everything has to be right. That is our starting point for your marketing campaign.

Why Building Brands?
Building and expanding a brand is not easy. But a good brand, that stands out and is different from the competition, has many advantages. A positive association with your brand not only gives your relationships a good feeling to your organization, they are also earlier inclined to buy something from you. We are convinced that Product Media is a huge one can contribute to building your brand. This vision is central to our thinking and all proposals for Product Media that we make.

Social responsibility
Not only your product, but also the conditions in which Product Media is produced are important. BeGlobal is affiliated with BSCI and has all its manufacturers audited according to the BCSI standards.


Quality of the organization
From fresh fruit, to custom-made suitcases; You can find it all in our range.
As a result, our processes are often more complex than you would initially expect. We invest a great deal in the quality of our processes, so that we can deliver everything on time and in accordance with your expectations. We have a self-developed software system with more than 20 control points, our team is constantly trained and we are ISO 9001 certified. So we are going very far to make your campaign successful.

Fulfillment Services
We help (international) organizations with making savings on the logistic process around Product Media. In the simplest form through the entire logistic process of Product Media shipments to us. For more complex organizations we have our simple Promoshop module. This has been developed and managed entirely by ourselves. Your advantage is that we can quickly set up a custom made webshop environment from which we can manage your Product Media stock centrally and offer it to multiple locations.

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